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Guiding for Evidence-Based Improvement

Selection of evidenced-based interventions is a collaborative process that is guided by data. Once a solution is selected that fits the school's context, an implementation process must be established to ensure interventions are implemented as intended.

Fostering Growth of Effective Leaders 

Targeted professional learning experiences coupled with leadership coaching can foster the growth of effective leaders. Leadership is grounded in the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and guided by data. 

Our Work is Grounded in a Systems Framework

The Office of Leadership Development and School Improvement provides customized support to local school systems guided by the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement.


Indicators of effective practices are identified for school improvement organized into four domains:  

  • Turnaround Leadership

  • Talent Development

  • Instructional Transformation

  • Culture Shift

Supporting Effective Evaluation Practices

The Office oversees the development and implementation of Maryland's teacher and principal evaluation system. The principal evaluation system is grounded in the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL). The teacher evaluation system is in the process of being revised. Training, guidance, and resources are provided to local school systems to support effective evaluation practices.

The Office provides customized professional learning experiences to local school systems informed by data and grounded in effective practices in leadership development and school improvement. 


Develop a data-informed culture using formative and summative measures, protocols, and other resources at the school or central office level.  

Four Domains of Rapid School Improvement Indicators

Leading with

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