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Identifying Schools for Support under ESSA

The Maryland Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated Plan identifies three categories of schools to support for improvement. The three categories are:

  1. Comprehensive Support and Improvement, 

  2. Targeted Support and Improvement, and

  3. Additional Statewide Category.

The information below describes how schools will be identified for each category, the frequency of identification, initial identification year, and exit criteria.

Comprehensive Support and Improvement 

The identification of and exit criteria for schools identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) is described in the table below (Table 1). The first cohort of Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools in Maryland was identified for:

● Low Performing: Lowest achieving five percent of Title I schools based on the "all students" group;

● Low Graduation Rate: High schools that do not graduate one third or more of their students based on the four year adjusted cohort graduation rate; and

● School Improvement Grant (SIG) Schools: Existing SIG schools will be included on the CSI school list. The SIG grant ends in 2020-2021.


CSI schools will be identified at least once every three years. CSI schools classified as chronically low-performing student group will be identified beginning in 2021-2022. Each school is responsible for completing a comprehensive needs assessment and intervention plan

Table 1. Identification of schools classified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement

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