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Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI):

Support and Resources

The Maryland Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated Plan identifies three categories of schools to support for improvement. The three categories are:

  1. Comprehensive Support and Improvement, 

  2. Targeted Support and Improvement, and

  3. Additional Statewide Category.


Information on this page describes how Targeted Support and Improvement Schools(TSI) are identified for each category, the frequency of identification, initial identification year, and exit criteria.

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends
Girl in Class
Boys at School

Unpacking What TSI Means:
Tools and Resources to Initiate Action for Improvement

Any school where one or more student groups has performed below the "All Students" group based on the State's accountability indicators.

TSI Planning guide Icon 9_19.PNG

Content Summary: A guide for local school system personnel and school leaders to use in planning for schools identified for targeted support and improvement (TSI). Schools may have one or more student groups performing below the lowest five percent of Title I schools. This determination is based on all indicators of the State accountability system and it includes any Title I or non-Title I school. 

The TSI schools are required to develop action plans for each school and seek approval by the local school system central office on specific approaches to improve the performance of student groups.

Click on the graphic to download the planning document.

The Finer Details of TSI:
Student Groups, Frequency, and Support

Student groups included for identification are students from major racial and ethnic groups, disaggregated as American Indian/Native American, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino of any race, White, or Two or more races, who are economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, and English learners.

There are three categories for identification for TSI:

Category 1Lowest Performing Student Group is any school where one or more student groups have performed below the summative performance of the "All Students" student group based on all indicators of the State Accountability system. 
Frequency: At least once every three years
Initial Year: 2018-2019

Category 2Consistently Underperforming Student Group is any school where one or more underperforming student groups does not meet school-level annual targets over a two-year period.
Frequency: Annually
Initial Year: 2019-2020

Category 3: Chronically Low-Performing is a Title I TSI school that does not show improvement after implementing the required targeted support and improvement plan over a three-year period. These schools will be reclassified as chronically low performing CSI schools. 

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Learn more about the State accountability indicators for elementary, middle, and high schools by visiting the Maryland Report Card website. Indicators for performance, definitions, and data can be accessed through the Maryland Report Card

School Improvement Support 
The Maryland State Department of Education has collaborated with multiple partners to develop high-quality resources, tools, and guidance to support any school or school system. Please click on any of the resources to download.
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Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Document revised to include clarifying information added 8/19/19)

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